​The NXT Level Competition Rules & Regulations​
  • 4 judges.

  • All ties honoured.

  • Calculated to one decimal point.

  • $20,000.00 plus….. In cash, scholarships, and future entry fee scholarships.

  • Donation to local charity (Make A Wish Foundation).

  • Teacher’s room with food and beverages.

  • Entry deadline - January 31st 2020 - a deposit is required to hold your preferred date for any of the NXT Level competition weekends .  

  • Pay by January 15th and studio owners will receive one complimentary room at the hosted hotel during your competition weekend. You must have 10 registered groups or a minimum of 50 entries to qualify for complimentary hotel room.

  • Complimentary photos and videos for all participating dancers are also included if registered before the deadline.

Methods of payment
  • Studio certified cheque / or credit card.

  • E-transfer for deposit is accepted.

Average age
  • Ages as of January 1st 2020.

  • Age divisions for duets/trios, groups, lines and productions are determined by average age (as of January 1st 2020) dropping the decimal point.
    ​IE: Average age 12.7, dances in 12 years and under category.

Age divisions
  • 9 years and under - mini division.

  • 10-12 years - junior division.

  • 13-14 years - teen division.

  • 15 -18 years - senior division.

  • 19 years and up - pro/am/adult division - this category is for dancers amateur or professional 19 years and older.  Dancers in this division are not eligible to compete in overalls or any 18 and under categories.

Performance Divisions

  • A novice group dancer is someone who has never competed in a dance competition.

  • A novice duet/trio dancer may have competed in groups before, but never in duet/trios or solos.  

  • A novice soloist may have competed in groups or duet/trios before, but never in a solo.

  • A novice entry must be 100% novice!

  • This division is eligible for “The NXT Level” novice overalls​.

  • A part-time competitive dancer is someone who trains for 6 hours per week or less.  This includes choreography and rehearsal time.

  • This division is eligible for “The NXT Level” part-time overalls.

  • Must be 100% part-time.

  • A competitive dancer is someone who trains for more than 6 hours per week.  This is the only division eligible for “The NXT Level “ championship overalls!!!  Note: dancers in this division must be 18 years and under.
    Note: you can only bump up one age level and you cannot compete against yourself!

Dance Categories
  • Jazz (contains traditional jazz movements and technique).

  • Tap (no pre-recorded tap sounds allowed).

  • Lyrical.

  • Contemporary.

  • Modern (consists of modern technique and choreography).

  • Hip Hop.

  • Musical Theatre.

  • Ballet (must be performed in ballet slippers).

  • Pointe (any routine performed in pointe shoes).

  • Acro (a combination of acrobatic tricks and dance choreography).

  • Open (any style of dance, or combination of styles).

  • Production (can be up to 8 minutes long, in any dance genre).

  • Ethnic (ie: Irish dance, classical Indian dance, Bollywood).

Categories & Time Limits

Solo - 1 dancer (3 minutes).

Duet/trio - 2 or 3 dancers (3 minutes).

Small group - 4 to 9 dancers (4 minutes).

Large group -10 to 15 dancers (4 minutes).

Line - 16 or more dancers (5 minutes).

Production - 20 or more dancers (8 minutes).

** Note: The maximum time for prop set up and take down is 2 minutes, you are expected to leave the stage litter free.


The NXT Level must be informed about any props that require set up time for scheduling purposes.

Age categories - solo,  duet/trio, groups and lines are divided in the following way:

5 years and under

6 years and under

7 years and under

8 years and under

9 years and under

10 years and under

11 years and under

12 years and under

13 years and under

14 years and under

15 years and under

16 years and under

17 years and under

18 years and under

19 years and over



Bronze – 75 - 79.9

Silver – 80 - 84.9

Gold – 85 - 89.9

Platinum – 90 - 94.9

The NXT Level – 95 +


  • All participants will receive a medal with their placement.

  • There will be 4 judges (dropping the lowest score).

  • Judges will use a single decimal point.

  • All ties will be honoured unless 4th judge’s score breaks the tie.

Part-time and Novice Categories 

Top 3 solos, duets, trios and groups (including lines and productions) will receive a framed picture of their performance plus a cash award and/or a future entry fee scholarship.

Cash awards will be based on the entries for the competition.

Top 10 solos will be announced and awarded a framed picture of their performance.

  • Mini – 9 years and under                             

  • Junior – 10 -12 years

  • Teen – 13 -14 years                                                 

  • Senior –15 -18 years.

Top 3 scoring solos in each age division will receive a cash award, a scholarship and/or a future entry scholarship as well as a banner


Top Scoring Soloist 

Will receive a “The NXT Level” championship prize.

Top 5 Duet / Trios

Will receive a framed picture of their performance in the following age levels:

  • Mini – 9 years & under                                   

  • Junior – 10 -12 years

  • Teen – 13 -14 years

  • Senior – 15 - 18 years

The top 3 will receive a cash award, scholarship, and/or future entry scholarship.

*Top 3 small groups, large groups, lines and production will receive a framed picture of their performance, as well as a cash award and a future entry scholarship.
Highest score in small groups, large groups or lines will be acknowledged in the following top 5 genres:

  1. Jazz                                       

  2. Tap

  3. Ballet, Pointe

  4. Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern

  5. Hip Hop

  6. Acro, musical Theatre, Open


Studio of the weekend

Cash award will be given to the studio with the highest average score of 5 out of 6 forms listed above.  In order to qualify for this award you must have at least 5 different dance forms entered in small groups, large groups or lines.  If a studio has all 6 forms entered then the lowest score will be dropped and we will take the top 5 forms. The studio that has the highest average will be awarded "Studio of the weekend".


Productions are not included in "Studio of the weekend".    
"The Dance Off"


Each studio with 10 or more groups will dance their highest scoring 12 & under and 13 & over group, line or extended line in “The NXT Level Dance Off for cash awards”.

Judges Pick Awards!

  • Choreography -12 yrs and under and 13 yrs and over.

  • Costume award.

  • Entertainment award.

  • Concept award.

  • Technique award.

  • Future star award - 12 years and under.

  • Team spirit award.

  • Professionalism award.

  • Teacher appreciation award.


The NXT Level Regulations

  • Registration will be at a first come first serve basis.

  • TNL reserves the right to refuse individual or studio entries.

  • A studio deposit is required in order to reserve a studio’s spot.

  • Studio entries and full payment must be received by January 31st 2020.

  • TNL will only accept a studio cheque or money order (e-transfers accepted for deposit only).

  • Cheques payable to “The NXT Level”.

  • TNL competitions can be 2 – 4 days in length.

  • TNL has the right to move a competition location or to add/subtract days due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Dancers must compete in their appropriate category in order to qualify for overalls.

  • Soloists may not compete against themselves in the same category.

  • If a soloist 9 & under leaves the stage prematurely they will be given a second chance to re-compete.

  • A soloist 10 & over may re-dance for critique only.

  • Photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited.

  • There will be no cameras / cell phones (in video mode) allowed in the change rooms, warm-up rooms or backstage.

  • By entering the TNL competition, parents, teachers, and studio directors give their permission to TNL to use their pictures and videos performance for advertising or promotional material (eg: brochures, programs, website, television and social media.)  If anybody does not agree to this TNL must be advised in writing before the competition starts.

  • Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the competition director by a studio teacher or studio owner only.

  • TNL is a family friendly environment. Please make sure that all routines are age appropriate.

  • Teachers and studio directors are responsible to ensure that all choreography performed by dancers are technically appropriate and safe for each dancers level and or ability.

  • If a dancer is unable to compete, entry fees will be refunded or credited with a doctors note only.

  • Anyone attending TNL (competitors/teachers/parents and relatives) will not hold TNL or anyone associated with TNL responsible or liable for any damage, loss of items, or personal injuries which they may sustain while participating in any activity connected with TNL.

  • Dancers compete at their own risk.

  • Rules and regulations are subject to change.

  • TNL rules will be evaluated and enforced on an individual basis, based on what is best for all parties.

  • All ages are as of January 1st.

  • Full-time teachers or full time professional dancers are not allowed to compete in regular competition for scholarships.  They may compete in adult/professional categories.

  • TNL uses the latest digital sound systems at all events.  Music must be uploaded 7 days before the competition. Teachers must have a usb backup of all their music.

  • Dancers must be ready to compete at least 60 minutes before their scheduled time to perform.

  • No independent entries will be accepted at TNL.

  • All scholarships, monies, and awards are subject to change without notice.

  • Props must be listed with studio registration.

  • There will be a 2 minute max time to set up props.